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Furniture fittings manufacturing

Furniture fittings solutions

With over 38 years experience, Emuca designs, manufactures and sells a wide range of products for furniture, carpentry, hardware and DIY sectors. These furniture fitting components can be equipped in the kitchen, the bathroom and the office. Emuca aims to balance between function, quality and price.

About Emuca


That is why Emuca offers competitive products that meet both market trends and sector demands.

Emuca product range includes an extensive variety of references which offer solutions for equipping areas such as the general household, the kitchen, the bathroom, the office, etc. Emuca also has research and department which specializes in developing new product lines to update and extend the competitive offer.

Having an online presence is very important for Emuca. They take advantage of technology in order to increase interaction with the end user. Emuca has videos and instructions how to install their products in the end users home, so the person doesn‘t have to be a carpenter to set up a closet in their house. Advantages like these make the brand one of the most attractive furniture fittings brands in the market.

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