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With our metal stamping lines we can produce a large array of metal stamping products, depending on your requirements and needs. Our products range from 1-3mm thickness and various lengths. Our working tables are up to 1200x1000mm which helps us to produce products of various shapes and forms. 

With our profiling lines we can produce producs of various shapers, lengths and forms.

This year we acquired a modern and fully automated roll forming line. Through roll forming process metal or steel sheets pass through sets of rolls that perform different types of bending, producing long length profiles and other parts.

Our stamping presses:

- 100-130 tons automatic stamping presses with servo coil feeding systems.
- 50-60 tons stamping presses with mechanical or pneumatic feeding systems.

Our roll forming products:

- Range from 1mm - 2mm thickness.
- Up to 200mm width and up to 3 meters length.

Contact us about stamping and profiling production! Call us +370 37 49 01 80 or email us eshop@joldija.lt 

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