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We manufacture the highest quality zig-zag springs. Zig-zag springs are one of the classical spring systems for upholstered furniture, car seats, and garden furniture. In the standard system different forms of wave springs can be produced. 

We use a new fully automatic machinery since 2015. We use high quality raw materials: our springs are made of special spring steel wires in EN10270-1, with the strength of 1650-1850N/mm. Certificates ensures the quality throughout the whole production process, as well as it guarantees the adherence to the most restrictive quality parameters. 

We manufacture zig-zag springs according to the needs of upholstered furniture manufacturers. Depending on usage, Joldija can produce: 

  • standard flat zig-zag springs; 
  • low curved zig-zag springs; 

Zig zag springs manufacturing

Customers who order zig-zag springs can choose not only the shape of the springs, but also their length, the distance between waves and wire diameter. 

Zig-zag springs manufacturing

The quality of the zig-zag springs significantly influences the comfort of upholstered furniture. The curved shape of the springs ensures an elastic and therefore extremely comfortable sitting. High-quality zig-zag springs influence not only the comfort but also the durability of upholstered furniture. Tolerances of springs produced by Joldija UAB: length +/- 3 mm, wire diameter +/- 0,03 mm.

Zig-zag springs are fixed with special clips.

zig-zag springs clips

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